Hardcover Bookbinding: Blank Journals

By The Bindery (other events)

Thursday, July 7 2022 6:00 PM 8:00 PM CST

Our popular hardcover class is back! Try your hand at bookbinding with this beginner's-level workshop.  In this single-session class led by bookbinder, Daniel Ehn, each participant will produce their own sewn blank book with a cased-in hardcover and cloth-covered spine.

Starting with materials prepped in advance, Daniel will guide the group through all stages necessary to fully create a small notebook made up of four folded sections (“signatures”), a cloth-covered spine, and binder’s board covered with our own Risographed decorative paper.  Students will be guided through:

  • Proper paper folding and collation for signature creation
  • Hand sewing a multi-signature volume
  • Preparing and attaching endsheets
  • Gluing and assembling their outer case and spine
  • Properly covering their boards with decorative paper
  • “Casing in” their page block (assembling the final book)

Each student will complete their 5"x6.5" book during the class, but it will need to dry under pressure overnight. Participants will be instructed on how to accomplish this at home.

This is a course for beginners but does involve intermediate concepts and fine motor skills in a relatively fast-paced class environment: it is recommended for adult learners.  Some background in book arts will be helpful but not necessary.  (Sound too daunting?  No problem, info on super-simple zine and chapbook classes will be announced shortly.)

All materials used for this class are professional-grade and included in the cost of admission. We hope you join us!

*Masks are not required at the time of this posting, but are very welcome. This may change by the time of the class, and The Bindery reserves the right to require masks or other safety precautions at any time. Participants will be alerted to any changes prior to the workshop.

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