Hidden Compartment Boxes: A Mechanical Wonder

By The Bindery (other events)

Saturday, August 20 2022 1:00 PM 4:00 PM CST

Create a decorative box that confusesand delights, all while holding your small treasures! In this workshop, participants will learn the secret steps to create their own mystery box! Using pre-made and provided materials, participants will learn proper measuring, cutting, and wrapping techniques to create a box with separate compartments that are only revealed when the lid is opened a certain way.  A little book-arts magic mixed with paper mechanics.

Follow along step-by-step with instructor, Melissa Wagner-Lawler in our beautiful community makerspace and learn to make this unique cloth-covered-board, multi-compartment container. The instructions used to make this box can be translated to all different sizes for your next box making adventure at home.

While this is a beginner class, experience with fine cutting and gluing is recommended as this box needs to be precise to function correctly. This class is recommended for adult learners only.

Masks are not required at the time of this posting, but are very welcome. This may change by the time of the class, and The Bindery reserves the right to require masks or other safety precautions at any time. Participants will be alerted to any changes prior to the workshop.

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